Format – BU Law Certification


All courses in the Certificate are offered exclusively online. There is no residential or on-campus obligation.

Courses are all delivered asynchronously online through the School of Law’s learning management or lecture capture systems. Upon registration, students will be issued school credentials to access all of their available courses. Courses are presented in an intuitive, user-friendly format. See an example of course lectures below here.

Since the courses are all offered asynchronously online, there is no “set” class schedule. Students will be able to set their own schedules to manage class time and their professional obligations, all while engaging and interacting with experts and peers throughout the program. Courses, though are offered in accordance with BU Law’s semester schedule, so students can expect classes to begin at the beginning of the semester, and end at the last day of class.

Students will receive training on the learning management system platform prior to beginning the program, and ongoing course monitoring will help ensure program quality and minimize student platform issues. Students will receive 24/7 technical support.

All courses will be in compliance with ADA, state, and school requirements. Course accessibility options include captioning, extra time on examinations and other timed assignments, use of dictation software for exams, and use of a note-taker.

Student attendance will be tracked automatically each time that the student logs in to the course.

Example Course Lectures

Below are clips from two of the required courses in the program: Contemporary Financial Services Compliance Program and Anti Money Laundering.